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Fellows - page 6

Patrick Koppula

Adaptation, Artistry, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Inclusion, Innovation, Productivity, Prosperity, Science, Systems & Virtue

Olivier Kamanda

Founder @IdealImpact; Halcyon Incubator Fellow; civic-tech evangelist; PM @FissionStrategy; Sec of State speechwriter; Princeton & UPenn Law.

Mitchell Sutika Sipus

Socio-technical Design and Innovation for Complex Global Problems

Michael Brown

Michael is a Presidential Innovation Fellow working with the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) in Silicon Valley.

Michael Balint

Hacker with a love for creating cutting edge systems. Architected clinical trials API @theNCI. First engineer @DataFox, formerly @Accenture and @LockheedMartin. @Cornell alum.

Kyla Fullenwider

Entrepreneur, Educator, Social Designer. Faculty SVA/Products of Design MICA/Johns Hopkins/ Design Leadership MBA. Cofounder Imperative.

Justin Koufopoulos

Co-Founder Fulbright 1:1, Founder AsthmaVillage. Growth hacking @Percolate, product @US Army. Fulbright Scholar. MRes University of Leeds

John Trobough

Global Tech CXO & Entrepreneur driven by Innovation and the art of possible! "You are only ever limited by your own creativity" @johntrobough

Eric Daimler

Improving lives through creating and integrating AI & Robotics. Engineering Trust. Fmr CS prof. @CarnegieMellon @Stanford @UWash. Fmr. VC. 6xEntrepreneur.

Clara Tsao

Entreprenur, Hackathon and STEM Aficionado. Formally Global Partners GTM @Microsoft, @Google Technology Policy Fellow